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What is VerdaScope?
Effortlessly showcase your sustainability leadership and gain a competitive edge with VerdaScope. Our AI-powered platform, designed specifically for SMEs, streamlines emissions data collection and verification across your entire supply chain. Leverage industry benchmarks and built-in collaboration tools to ensure data accuracy and transparency. VerdaScope certification empowers you to stand out as a sustainability leader, build trust with stakeholders, and unlock new business opportunities.
What are the benefits from the VerdaScope solution?
  • Shine as a Sustainability Leader: VerdaScope simplifies emissions data collection and verification – get your report in under 24 hours!
  • Build Trust with Stakeholders: Leverage industry benchmarks and collaborate for accurate, transparent data.
  • Unlock Business Opportunities: Gain a competitive edge and attract eco-conscious customers.
  • Optimize Operations & Minimize Impact: Get data-driven insights to streamline processes and reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Continuous Improvement Roadmap: Receive a personalized plan to guide your sustainability journey.
How does VerdaScope work?
  • Step 1: VerdaScope guides you through easy data collection tailored to your industry.
  • Step 2: AI analyzes your data, provides feedback, and assigns a trust score.
  • Step 3: Collaborate with partners to share and integrate verified data seamlessly.
  • Step 4: Earn a VerdaScope certification for trusted, secure emissions tracking.