At VerdaScope, we’re a passionate team of experienced professionals with deep expertise in blockchain, supply chain management, AI and digital transformation. We’re driven by a shared desire to make a positive impact on the world through sustainable practices.

Isabel Wilke

I’m Isabel, the founder of VerdaScope. With a deep passion for sustainability, I leverage my 7 years of experience in supply chain management for industry leaders like Rolls-Royce, Porsche, and GSK. My background also includes consulting expertise at Capgemini, where I honed my skills in developing and implementing supply chain strategic solutions.

My commitment to sustainability goes beyond experience. I hold a certification in Sustainability Technology Leadership from the University of Exeter, reflecting my dedication to using technology for positive impact. Additionally, my international background, fostered by a DAAD scholarship to study engineering at UC Berkeley, allows me to bring a global perspective to VerdaScope.

I’m not alone in this mission. I’m backed by a team of six expert advisors with deep experience in blockchain, supply chain, and AI/Digital strategy. Together, we combine our knowledge and passion to empower businesses to build a more sustainable future.

What is VerdaScope?
VerdaScope is an AI- and Blockchain-powered platform that streamlines and verifies emissions data collection across a company’s entire value chain. It leverages industry benchmarks and collaboration tools to guarantee data accuracy and transparency. VerdaScope certification empowers businesses to showcase sustainability leadership, build stakeholder trust, optimize operations, and achieve a more sustainable future.
What are the benefits from the VerdaScope solution?
  • Verify emissions data with AI and industry benchmarks for accuracy and stakeholder trust.
  • Gain data-driven insights to optimize operations and minimize environmental impact.
  • Collaborate across your value chain for collective sustainability action.
  • Get verified emissions data from your suppliers.
  • Receive a roadmap for continuous improvement towards a sustainable future.
How does VerdaScope work?
  • Step 1: VerdaScope guides you through easy data collection tailored to your industry.
  • Step 2: AI analyzes your data, provides feedback, and assigns a trust score.
  • Step 3: Collaborate with partners to share and integrate verified data seamlessly.
  • Step 4: Earn a VerdaScope certification for trusted, secure emissions tracking.